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Michael D.J. Eisenberg, Esq.

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Michael D.J. Eisenberg is solo practitioner based in Washington, DC, advocating for veterans, military members and federal employees for more than a decade.  He combines his legal and scientific background to assist veterans in helping them get their proper disability benefits, military members with medical boards, record corrections and criminal cases and federal employees with their federal employee employment issues, e.g., AIB, EEO, and MSPB. Mr. Eisenberg can appear before any Federal Government administrative board, the Department of Veterans Affairs, military courts, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Merit Systems Protection Board, and any federal court.  Mr. Eisenberg regularly travels the country to represent his clients in their legal matters, and represents clients both nationally and abroad.

Mr. Eisenberg graduated from The Ohio State University (OSU) in 1994 with a BS and in 1996 with an Master of Science. Both of Mr. Eisenberg's science degrees were in Civil Engineering; while at OSU, he took classes concentrating in Environmental Engineering. He then went on to Capital University Law School where he earned a JD in 2002. During his law school career, he earned certificates of concentration in Government Affairs and Environmental Law.

Prior to starting his law office, Mr. Eisenberg has worked as a paralegal for the Ohio Attorney Generals Workers Compensation Section drafting pleadings and performing legal research for the Attorneys General; as a Regulatory Counsel for a government relations firm where he monitored and forecasted state environmental and OSHA regulations, and just prior to starting his practice, as a contractor at Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals where he assisted judges by writing briefs, drafting decisions, and performing legal research.