Are you a federal employee...?

✓ Have you had an unfair or adverse personnel action taken against you at work?

✓ Have you been unfairly disciplined, removed, or retired?

 ✓ Have you been discriminated against at the workplace?

 ✓ Or have you been injured on the job?

If so, you may have a claim under the Merit System Protection Board, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and/or Workers’ Compensation.

The Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) is an independent, quasi-judicial agency in the Executive branch that serves as the guardian of Federal merit systems, which are essential to ensuring that federal employees are protected against abuses by agency management and partisan political pressure. If you are a Federal employee who believes that you have been subject to a personnel action that is unfair or adverse to you, you may be able to appeal to the MSPB for adjudication.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is a United States federal agency charged with ending employment discrimination in the workplace. The EEOC investigates discrimination claims based on an individual's race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, wage differences between men and women performing substantially equal work, pregnancy, and retaliation for opposing unlawful discrimination or filing a charge of discrimination. If you are a federal employee who believes that your employment rights have been violated, you may be able to file a charge of discrimination with the EEOC.

Workers’ Compensation laws entitle employees who have been injured in the course of their employment to certain benefits from their employer. The Federal Employee's Compensation Act (FECA) allows for the payment of benefits to most federal employees and their dependents for work-related death or disability resulting from a personal injury "sustained while in the performance of duty." If you are a federal employee and have suffered apersonal injury in an accident arising out of and in the context of employment, you may be entitled to certain benefits under FECA.

Disciplinary Appeals Board is where federally employed medical staff can usually appeal if a major adverse action has been taken and it involves professional conduct. Major adverse actions include suspension, transfer, reduction in grade, reduction in basic pay and discharge. If you are a federal employee in the field of medicine who believes that your employment rights have been violated, you may be able to file an appeal with the DAB.

The process of filing these claims can be intensive and confusing. The Law Office of Michael D.J. Eisenberg, Attorney and Counselor at Law, may be able to help you with your claim by:

  • Talking with Federal Government staff for you.
  • Preparing your paperwork for the Federal Government.
  • Reviewing laws and regulations relating to your case.
  • Preparing written legal arguments about why the Federal Government should side with your position.
  • Attending meetings about your case as necessary.
  • Keeping you informed about the status of your appeal.

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